AngelaCARES has provided an amazing impact and sparked jubilation from our first event. Our seniors were delighted to have the children sing Christmas carols and they continues to cherish the handmade Christmas cards and gifts that were provided. Our relationship with AngelaCARES continues to flourish. This year AngelaCARES put excitement back into BINGO by bringing the children to play bingo with the seniors, provided an array of prizes and marvelous refreshments. Currently Grandview Terrace Inc. have (25) twenty-five seniors who are enthusiastic and constantly informing me about their preparation process for the senior citizen prom. The concept of the senior prom has provided joy, hopeful promises for a marvelous event and brought back wonderful memories. Some of our seniors stated they never had an opportunity to attend their prom; therefore our upcoming event with AngelaCARES is very special. AngelaCARES appears to have a sincere desire to work with children and senior citizens. The Executive Director/Founder Angela McKnight is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily reachable, and always on time with her events. Grandview Terrace Inc. has found working with AngelaCARES rewarding and our seniors have experienced a lot of happiness after interacting with the children in an array of activities. ~ Anne Richardson, Grandview Terrace Inc., Service Director

AngelaCARES, I think AngelaCARES, is very exciting and makes me happy putting a smile on the seniors’’ faces and volunteering my time to help seniors in need. AngelaCARES program is very helpful and e peoples’ skills. ~ Raven. C., Youth volunteer

AngelaCARES, Inc. is one of the best programs for Seniors in Hudson County and state of NJ Receives an AAA rating. ~ Lillie P., Senior Citizen Client

I served as an intern for two full semesters, with AngelaCARES, Inc. I feel truly bless to have been a part of this organization. I’ve learned so much from Mrs. McKnight that I could not have ever learned at any University. I’ve seen firsthand how Mrs. McKnight interacts with “clients” and her loyalty to them. I used the term clients very loosely because the relationship that she has with her “clients” are better described to me as a friendship. There is nothing Angela would not do to meet the needs of her clients. Seniors Citizens need reliability and consistency which is what this organization offers. AngelaCARES, Inc. is truly a one of kind service. AngelaCARES is the voice for all senior citizens, which is why I chose to stay active in the program. I value my experiences with AngelaCARES and believe that they really have something great to offer. ~ Iris W., Intern New Jersey City University

AngelaCARES’ services are genuine and reliable. It offers programming and care that is safe and creative for seniors. I have never come across a more genuinely caring organization that really caters to our senior population with love and respect. It gives me hope for my future. ~ Program Coordinator, Rising Tide Capital

I believe that the services that are provided by AngelaCARES are a delight and very inspiring. This organization has done a great justice by opening so many people’s eyes and made them aware of the things that they can do to make a difference. I have benefited a lot from this organization it has showed me how to appreciate our seniors and to accept their wisdom. I have met wonderful children who love to give back not for a reward but for the satisfaction of helping others. This organization has helped me learn about how to network and work together in a group to accomplish a set goal. ~ Daniqua M., College volunteer

Thank you, Ms. Angela. You are an angel. ~ Luther M., Senior Citizen

So many people say they do things, but I see AngelaCARES in Action, and that organization is definitely Working Hard!!! ~ Supporter

As a volunteer for AngelaCARES, I can say my life has been transformed for the better, through the gift of giving, of my time and my financial contributions. Knowing that I contributed to the greater good of the community gave me a feeling that money can’t buy, the gift of giving is priceless. ~ Kasey M., Volunteer

Senior Prom 5.19.12 Thank you~ Senior from Grandview Terrace, Jersey City, NJ 07306

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Outstanding organization giving back to the community to those who really need it and for too long have been forgotten.

— Beth J., Supporter

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