1st Game of Bingo Valentine with the Youth and Seniors

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As I walked into Newport Nursing Rehabilitation Center on Saturday, February 11, 2012, I knew the day was going to be a JOYOUS and happy one. Prior to going to the nursing center, I just wrapped up my 5th week of the JOYS’ Youth Volunteer Workshop with my Saturday’s class. It was a bittersweet moment on the last day of class. The children and I were able to reflect on the past five weeks with great memories.

As we waited, the seniors played two games! While walking around the room, I could not help but to look at the seniors play. Wow, I can tell that the seniors were having a good time! As I looked straight ahead, I see the college bound students and Ms. B entering the building. With a proud voice, I said the children are here and the seniors looked up and the bright yellow glow sprouted! I then introduced the children to the seniors and the seniors to the children. We paired the children with the seniors and then I explained the purpose of all of us being together.

Ok now, let’s play some Valentine Bingo. Joy and Love filled the room! We started to play together and you can automatically see the children helping and playing with the seniors. We had great prizes for the seniors as they won and we gave around of applaud to the student winners! At the end of the game, we gave everyone (youth and seniors) a little trinket for just coming out to play. The children were happy that they came. Now, just the Saturday prior, I went to speak to the children about volunteering and helping our seniors. I informed the children that volunteering is an option, so if he/she wanted to go, then they should have their parent or guardian to complete and sign the permission slip. I was so happy to see everyone from last Saturday come to play Bingo Valentine! This was a true testament of making a connection with our youth. After the game, everyone enjoyed Sherbet, which was a compliment from Newport nursing home.

Now, it was time for the seniors to go back to their room. One senior said, “I have my prizes and I don’t know how I am going to get to my room. I said to the senior, don’t worry we will help you. I ask some of the students if they could assist and without any hesitation, they agreed. While speaking to some of the students, they stated that they were happy that they came because they had so much fun and enjoyed being with the seniors! Joy filled my heart. It was a wonderful feeling. My Nana was one of the residents and she too had a great time. She called one of my sisters the next day and expressed how much fun she had. I asked the seniors if they would like us to come back and all you heard was the word YES! One senior suggested another game to play which was very nice.

Before we departed, the director of the pre-college bound program said a few words and was happy to partner with AngelaCARES on volunteering to help, inspire and empowering the youth to make a difference.

Please enjoy the rest of pictures, which are located on Facebook at www.facebook.com/angelacares2011 as the pictures tell a story as well!


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