2nd game of Bingo Valentine with the JOYS Youth and Seniors



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Back in December 2011, Cindy, Ann and I decided to partner together to join our youth and seniors. For Christmas, the first graders of Golden Door Charter School made handmade Christmas cards for the seniors and celebrated Christmas with them. In speaking with Ann and Cindy, we decided to do something for Valentine’s Day. Cindy suggested that we engage the 5th graders this time to socialize with the seniors from Grandview Terrace. So we that in placed, we just needed the activity. In no time, we agreed to play Bingo Valentine on Valentine’s Day. So on February 14, 2012, we brought pizza, prizes for the winners and one of our interns made homemade Red Velvet cupcakes, decorated in Valentine’s colors!

We arrived at Grandview Terrace to play and before playing, some of our young volunteers helped us get ready. The students helped pass out our infamous penny Bingo chips. Now, we were all set. We then thanked the seniors and the youth for celebrating Valentine’s Day together. We started to play and if you looked around the room, all you can see is the concentration of the seniors and the youth playing Bingo. To see two special generations working together is a beautiful sight to see. In between breaks, conversations between the children and seniors commenced. Everyone in the room was having a fantastic time. Some of the children did not know how to play Bingo, so it was also a fun learning session. Yes, we had seniors who won a prize, but at the end of the game, everyone was a winner and everyone received a trinket for coming out to play. After the event, I spoke with Cindy and she told me that the children enjoyed themselves. They were talking about how much fun they had while walking back to the school, which is located across the street for the senior building.

Please view more pictures, which are located on Facebook at www.facebook.com/angelacares2011 as the pictures tell a story as well!


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