AngelaCARES, Inc.’s Here4Seniors 1st Community Meeting

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The 1st community meeting about Let’s Help Our Seniors took place on December 29, 2011 and it was a success! This was the first step towards helping our seniors. We had about 30 seniors in attendance. We were happy that the seniors opened up to let us know their concerns and issues. We also received informative information from some of the seniors. The next step was to start addressing their concerns and issues. We were able to solve some of the issues immediately and some of the issues needed more time. However, we told the seniors that if we work together the solutions would come. Some key take a ways from the meeting were: we need more transparency and we need to involve city agencies and department heads to begin taking the proactive approach with our seniors. The Harborview Apartment building is on our radar and my team and I are doing all we can to help these seniors. We agreed that we would begin to ask other senior buildings if we could have community meetings so that we can help more seniors. Additionally, it was great to see a senior come to the meeting who did not reside at the Harborview apartments.

We would like to thank the seniors for coming out, board member Ana’jah for being the administrative assistance, board member Anthony for directing and helping the seniors, board member Sharifah for coming and conducting research for some of the issues, our partners Tamika Grant and Antonio Campbell for coming out and supporting.

Additionally, we would like to thank Assemblyman Sean Connors, Ryan Strother, Tyrone Hodge, and Melissa Alexandra for coming out to hear what the seniors had to say, voicing their concerns, supporting the cause, and providing some solutions.

AngelaCARES, Inc. project “Here4Seniors” and the goal of this project is to be an advocate for senior citizens. If you would like to get involved, please contact us via email or call us at 888.795.8819.

The issues that we heard were:

  1. Bed Bug Prevention
  2. Dental assistance
  3. Donut hole
  4. Finding a place to live
  5. Hearing Aide Assistance
  6. Homemaker Services
  7. Meals on Wheels eligibility
  8. Medicaid eligibility and requirements needed
  9. Medicare benefits
  10. Pre funeral arrangements
  11. Prescription assistance
  12. PSE&G assistance
  13. Transportation to doctors and stores

This was a powerful event!

You can view more pictures on our facebook page:


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AngelaCARES, Inc.

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