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Hello, hope all is well. Before switching your cable or digital box, please first do your homework. Today, I received a call from two of my senior clients. They both said to me at different times of course, Angela, there is an ad in the paper stating that I can get FREE TV Channels for no monthly cost. But I wanted to call to have you check it out for me. So, I asked both clients if they can give me the number that was listed in the paper. Ms. Lillie also gave me the website address. So, I told both of them that I would check and call them both back.

So what did I do, first, I went onto the website to read about the company and its services. After researching the company Clear-Cast, I read this: “Clear-Cast is not a service like cable or satellite services. It is an antenna that helps enable consumers to access digital signals solely when there are local broadcasts in range.”

After looking through the entire Clear-Cast website, I then called the toll free number to speak to a customer service rep. The customer service rep was very helpful throughout the entire call. She basically told me everything that I read online. I then asked her how can a potential client know what channels are available in their area. The rep directed me to go to to view a listing of over-the-air channels. I then went onto and after browsing through the site, I was able to figure out how to locate the applicable channels. Here are instructions for you to follow:

After going to click on the tab “What’s On TV”


Then click on “TV Listings”


Next, click on the red tex on your left hand side “change location/provider


Next, click on the red text on your left hand side “change location/provider


Then you will need to enter in your Zip code


After entering in your zip code, click on Select Your Provider: New York City Area Broadcast (New York) (OTA Broadcast) NOTE: Since I entered 07305, this is the the provider that appeared.

The “over-the-air” channels will appear in a list below then you will be able to scroll through the list to see the applicable channels.


After retrieving all the information, I called both clients back to let them know the “who, what, when, where, why and how.” Both clients were happy that I was able to provide informative information that they can use to help them with their decision. This is one of the services that we provide to our seniors. We want to help our seniors live their best life and receive information that can help them make decisions that are right for them. We are always Here4Seniors!

I want to thank Clear-Cast customer service rep for being so helpful!



Team AngelaCARES!


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