Diaper Need: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?


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The typical infant needs more than 2,900 diapers each year. That’s a lot of diapers and a lot of diaper changes! But there are mothers in our community who cannot afford all the diapers their baby needs. That gap between the number of diapers a baby needs and the number of diapers the family can afford is called diaper need. Diaper need is not just a problem for babies and the people who love them; it may also be a problem for people with disabilities and adults including seniors with incontinence issues.

Diaper need matters because babies who don’t get their diaper changed frequently enough are at risk for skin rashes, infections, and many other poor health outcomes. A lack of diapers may stop parents from bringing their baby to vital early education programs. Food stamps and WIC cannot be used to buy diapers. Diaper need matters because people with incontinence issues may be isolated from social activities, religious events, and just plain taking a walk in the community or visiting the library. In severe situations, skin rashes and skin breakdown may occur.

AngelaCARES is doing something very important to address diaper need. We are giving out diapers, diaper wipes, and incontinence products to babies, families, and adults who need them. But we need your help to grow our pocket diaper bank program and enable us to help babies, adults, and families with diaper need even more.

You can help by donating diapers directly to AngelaCARES, by hosting a diaper drive at work or among friends, by making a birthday celebration into a ‘diapers only’ gift request, by hosting a ‘diapers only’ baby shower, and by sending us diapers via Amazon or diapers.com. You may also send us gift cards for us to purchase diapers. For more information, please call 201-685-7273.

Thank you! Together we can address diaper need in our community and enhance the lives of babies, families, and adults.


Potential Consequences of Infant Diaper Need

(Adapted from Porter & Steefel, 2015)

Physical Behavioral/


Economic Social/Emotional
Discomfort or pain

Increased diaper rashes and redness

Urinary Tract Infection

Communicable disease

Poor hygiene

Oral-fecal contamination

Skin infections





Children kept home from early childhood development programs

Negative impact on peer relationships during toddler years

Reduced opportunities for educational enrichment

Parent tries toilet training too early

Purchase less clothing, food, or other necessities including important baby care items

Borrow money or diapers

Utility bills or rent not paid

Medication prescriptions not filled

Parents miss work or school

Payment of child care bills delayed

Parent guilt

Parent frustration

Parent embarrassment

Parents feel like bad parents

Missed health and other appointments

Allegations of child abuse and neglect

Family dynamics disrupted

Negative impact on parent-infant interaction



AngelaCARES, Diapers and YOU!

How You Can Help Babies, Families, and Seniors with Diaper Need

Donate diapers directly to AngelaCARES.

Host a diaper drive at work or among friends.

Make a birthday celebration into a ‘diapers only’ gift request.

Host a ‘diapers only’ baby shower.

Send us diapers via Amazon or diapers.com.

Donate gift cards for us to purchase diapers.

Written By: Sallie Porter, DNP, PhD, APN, is an Assistant Professor, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Nursing, Newark, NJ.

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5 comments on “Diaper Need: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
  1. Norma says:

    Hi my name is norma I am a single I just had my baby on the 4th I am in need of dipers and wipes. I was so post to have my baby on the 23th of june but she came in early. So if I can get any information were I can get some assistance I will really appreciate it. Thank u have a blessed day

  2. Hanane Moumen says:

    Hi I need diperes for my kids I haye 2 girls one she’s 16 month second she’s 8 weeks thank you

  3. Blue Sky says:

    For many years the Parents have been using diapers for their newly born babies. Usually, a newly born baby needs 8 diapers every day (24 hours). You will have to feed your baby after every 3 hours continuously. A newborn sleeps most of the time every day. During feeding, if the baby feels wet for pee. The baby can stop taking feed. Which is not good for baby health. Same as, sleep of the baby should be completed without disturbance. These two things are the very important for a newly born baby. By using Diapers, we can ensure these two matter for our loving baby.

  4. Yvette pena says:

    Hi Mrs Angela ..
    It’s very stressful when diapers run low with very little income being a single parent of 6 is overwhelming…. & I needed help with diapers my son is 2 years old & he’s a size 6 ….
    I thank you very much ….

  5. I have enjoyed reading the information about baby diapers. Really, entire discussion is more helpful and all the tips are more effective too. I am very glad to go through this kind of helpful article. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

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