Here4Seniors 1st Senior Walking Group!

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The first time one of my interns and I met the seniors from Lafayette Senior Living Center was late January. It was an honor to converse and listen to them. Then I scheduled another day to come back to pay them a visit in February. February came, my intern and I brought a little treat, and the conversation took on a new life! During the second meeting, all of the seniors that came to the first meeting were there including a few more seniors. We talked about our JOYS and Here4Seniors projects. We spoke more about how we advocate for seniors and mentor the youth to help our seniors. We informed the seniors that our young volunteers would participate in their Black History Month event. The seniors were in AWE! They were looking forward to having our young volunteers perform for them. Then it happened, while talking about different activities we can do together, walking as a group came up. Majority of the seniors that were in the room were looking forward to walking. I said ok now, let’s make it happen and set a date. We agreed that our first walk would be Tuesday, March 13 at 10 am. Ana began signing the seniors up for our walk and we were ready, willing, and able.

Here we go, March 13th came, and I received a call from the coordinator to let me know that the seniors were waiting for me. I told the coordinator that I was two minutes away and I’m ready for our walk. I then called Ana and she too was on her way. I walked into the meeting room and there were six ready, willing, and able seniors looking forward to our walk. As we gathered, we lit our team spirit and then two more seniors joined! It was 10 of us for our first walk.

Ms. Inez was our leader for the day. She led us on our walk. We started to walk around the senior resident building. While walking, we had spectators watching us during our walk around the building. It was time for round two and six of us were able to continue. We were so proud that all of us were able to complete the first round. After completing the second round, we went back to the meeting room to have some water and talked about how much fun we just had.

I said to the seniors, ok, now Ana and I are about to leave, so we will see you next Tuesday at 10 am sharp! The reply was YES! I asked the seniors to spread the word to our seniors and the reply was No Problem!

It was a great walk and we all had a great time. We decided that each week we would have another senior lead the way!

Please visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of our first walking journey!



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AngelaCARES, Inc.

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