JOYS’ 1st Easter Egg Hunt with Youth & Seniors!


Hello, hope all is well.

On April 4, 2012, AngelaCARES, Inc. had our first Easter Egg Hunt with the seniors from St. Ann’s Nursing Home in Jersey City, NJ. Our recent graduates including the campers from Camp Progression were our youth participates. While our young volunteers were anxiously ready for the event, the seniors were patiently waiting for our arrival. When we walked in, the parameter of the room was decorated with colorful plastic Easter eggs filled with jelly beans and chocolates. A team member and I then added dyed Easter eggs to the mix.

The objective for the day was for the children to get the seniors’ Easter basket and fill it up with Easter eggs then return the filled basket to their senior partner. The seniors were grateful and happy to receive their Easter treat from the children. Afterwards, the children received their own basket to fill with Easter eggs. The children had an awesome time. We also invited a little girl who came to visit a loved one with her mom to join in on the fun!

After our Easter Egg Hunt, we listened to soft music and the youth and seniors were able to enjoy a special treat and drink.

Before leaving St. Ana’s one of the seniors said to me and I will paraphrase that she had a good time and she really enjoyed the children and the activity.

Wow, this is what it is all about@

We look forward to our continuous partnership with St. Ann’s Nursing Home.

Please view more pictures of our Easter Egg Hunt on our Facebook page

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