JOYS’ Youth Volunteering to Clean the Community Garden

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Hello, hope all is well.

On April 1, 2012, a group of AngelaCARES, Inc.’s youth participated in helping to clean a community garden. It was a great day, the weather was nice, and the children were ready, willing, and able! We arrived at the community garden, which is located between Harrison and Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City, NJ around 10:30 am. While driving to the location, I spoke to the young volunteers about what they would be doing. Now, this was the third week that we were ready to help with the garden, but due to the inclement weather, we were not able to fulfill our mission. We arrived and Ms. Liz, who is the leader of the garden, was waiting for us. She greeted us with so much grace. After the introductions, Ms. Liz spoke to us about our tasks.

Our young volunteers learned about four tools (Spade, Shovel, Rake, and Weed/Root Remover). It was a plus that the children had the opportunity to work with each of the tools. Before the end of our community service, our young volunteers knew what tool they liked the best! Our young volunteers also had the opportunity to work with another young volunteer better our community. The children were so eager to get the job done and they did not complain about cleaning up. After our community service was over, I took our young volunteers to get a bit to eat. While driving we talked about our day and all I heard was praise, happiness, and joy. The children are ecstatic to going back to assist with the community garden.

On behalf of AngelaCARES, Inc., we thank Ms. Tawana for making this beautiful connection. We also thank Ms. Liz for allowing us to help make a difference.

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Thank you,

AngelaCARES, Inc.

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