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Well it has been maybe a month in a half ago where over 20 people were displaced due to a fire on Belmont Avenue. And we here at AngelaCARES along with the help of others was able to save the day for a High school student. Her prom was the next day and her whole prom attire got lost in the fire…She was down and out. I mean u would be to stuff like this only happens once in a life time. So when we here at AngelaCARES herd we couldn’t let that get pass us.. We immediately started a page for them asking for donations we stated the problem and people in our community responded instantly the girl was set for the prom with a beautiful gown from Labell’s boutique. And with the help from the community everything else she can need for a prom. She was set and ready to enjoy here special night. So you see volunteering can help someone out in need as well as yourself, it makes you feel good inside… So how about you go out and volunteer for you favorite cause and make someone’s day. Or you can come volunteer with us here at AngelaCARES…


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Outstanding organization giving back to the community to those who really need it and for too long have been forgotten.

— Beth J., Supporter

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