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Hello, I hope all is well. For weeks, I have been patiently waiting to find out what new store is going to open in Hudson Mall while walking on Thursdays with the seniors. For a while, the black paint on the windows and lighted ceilings were noticeable. Weeks passed and no more black paint on the windows. To my surprise, the name of the store read Hudson Rehab Spa! I thought to myself this Rehab Spa is going to be a great help to seniors. The ecstatic smile on my face lit as I noticed the rep sitting at the desk. Unfortunately, the door remained locked, so I could not make my visit. I said to myself, maybe next week. A week passed and Hudson Rehab Spa doors opened. At first, I did not see anyone, so I decided to go in to pick up a business card from the desk. As I walked in the clean and open space, a man came behind me. The gentleman said hello and welcome. I replied back with a pleasant good morning and smile. Mike and I began to talk; the discussion of his new Spa and AngelaCARES. I asked Mike the date of his grand opening and he told me it will be on Saturday, June 7, at 3pm. I asked to invite the seniors who were now walking in the Mall and he said yes.


The seniors were walking in the Mall, I invited them to come in and Mike gave them a tour of his new Rehab Spa. Mike had no problem talking, engaging and answering questions from the seniors! The seniors and I welcomed Mike and thanked him for his hospitality.



want to thank Mike for his hospitality and sharing the news of his new Rehab Spa. If you are looking for a Rehab Spa in Jersey City, please take a moment to visit Hudson Rehab Spa located in Hudson Mall, Rte. 440.

Thank you,

Angela V. McKnight – Founder & CEO


Grand Opening Saturday, June 7th at 3pm

Hudson Rehab Space Hudson Mall 701 State Rte. 440, Suite 21 Jersey City, NJ 07304

Tel: 201-315-9859 Website –

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Outstanding organization giving back to the community to those who really need it and for too long have been forgotten.

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