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For AngelaCARES to fulfill our mission, we need supporters. We are so very grateful and thankful for our supporters! It is our honor to showcase those who supports us! Please allow us to introduce our first AngelaCARES Supporters’ Showcase.

Showcasing our Supporter: WellCare!

What is your name and your role at your organization?
Molly Auciello – Senior Manager, Community Relations

Why did you decide to support AngelaCARES? Molly: I decided to support AngelaCARES because it genuinely ran off of heart, soul and commitment to the community.  There are many community-based organizations throughout the state that do phenomenal things for their communities.  I found that AngelaCARES went that extra mile while maintaining a loving commitment and genuine concern for each individual they assist. Their staff is incredibly hard working and dedicated to their mission as well.  However, nothing was as impressive as Mrs. McKnight herself being incredibly immersed in the operations at AngelaCARES, shelling out her own time and money while offering a special dose of spirituality along the way. It was incredibly impressive from beginning to end. 

What has motivated you to stay involved with us? Molly: The genuine care for the community, but also for the partnership.  It’s not just about collecting our funds. The collaboration and exposure offered to WellCare from these partnerships have been key to our growth and brand name recognition.

In your opinion, what is the greatest contribution we can make to improve the lives of the people we serve? Molly: Genuine concern to find the right aide when needed.  While organizations may point you into one direction or another, there is nothing like knowing someone cares for you and is willing to help. 

What would you like to share with our readers about your organization?  Molly: WellCare is extremely committed to the communities we serve. We believe that by integrating ourselves within the community, we will gain crucial insight on what is needed and what healthcare barriers most people encounter.  We feel that having consistent representation in the field makes our members gain better access to their health insurance provider should they have any issues or questions.  Also, everyone at WellCare is a family.  We truly all come together to make sure our member’s health is top priority. 

We are so very grateful and thankful for to WellCare! Thank you for taking the time to read about our Supporter: WellCare!

Main Sponsor for AngelaCARES 7th Annual Senior Citizens Prom!
WellCare received the Community Giver award at our 5th Annual Purple Gala in 2018!

Forever care ~ Angela V. McKnight

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Outstanding organization giving back to the community to those who really need it and for too long have been forgotten.

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