Showcase Supporter: WellCare cont.!

Hello and hope all is well! We are supported by WellCare in various ways and we just must showcase them. Their partnership means much to us! They continue to go above and beyond to help AngelaCARES fulfill its mission. We […]

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Showcase Supporter: WellCare!

Hello and hope all is well! For AngelaCARES to fulfill our mission, we need supporters. We are so very grateful and thankful for our supporters! It is our honor to showcase those who supports us! Please allow us to introduce […]

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Diaper Need: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

  Hello Friend, The typical infant needs more than 2,900 diapers each year. That’s a lot of diapers and a lot of diaper changes! But there are mothers in our community who cannot afford all the diapers their baby needs. […]

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Rehab Spa Opens

Hello, I hope all is well. For weeks, I have been patiently waiting to find out what new store is going to open in Hudson Mall while walking on Thursdays with the seniors. For a while, the black paint on […]

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Proud of Our Youth Volunteers

Hello, hope all is well. We are so very proud of our young volunteers. They work so hard and love helping out. They understand the importance of volunteering. They love helping at the community garden. Since going to the garden, […]

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Don’t Let Caregiving Drain You: Avoiding Burnout

Hello, We hope you are well. Today, we have the honor to have a guest blogger to talk about caregiving. By: Kathy Birkett, Co-Founder at the Senior Care Corner You are proud to be a caregiver. You stepped into a […]

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Intergenerational Programs

Blog By: Donna Butts, Executive Director of Generations United   As 7-year-old Ian looked at pictures of people of all generations, he took in the friendly faces, unhappy faces and diverse faces. When asked who he could be friends with, […]

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Fall Proofing Your House

  Hello, we hope you are doing well. We love providing information that helps seniors live their best life. This week we are sharing this article from our guest blogger Jacob Edward. Please take a moment, sit back and enjoy […]

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Senior Care and Medicaid

Hello, we hope this post finds you well. We put our best foot forward to helping seniors, youth and caregivers! We want to provide you with information and resources that you can use and/or share with others. We are happy […]

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Avoiding the Tsunami of Drug Prices: Improve Your Brain Function the Natural Way

Avoiding the Tsunami of Drug Prices: Improve Your Brain Function the Natural Way Guest By Virgina Cunningham Hitting a wall or feeling mentally exhausted? Stuck in a rut that you can’t break free of? In times of desperation, we might […]

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Inspirational Quote

Outstanding organization giving back to the community to those who really need it and for too long have been forgotten.

— Beth J., Supporter

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